Sports as Our god

In churches all across Tennessee today, members will be down, depressed and not into the service. Why? The Tennessee football team lost yesterday.

I love football. I was able to sit down and watch a little bit of the game yesterday, and I was disappointed in their performance. But in the end, it is simply a game. A game. It means nothing in the big picture. That’s right – nothing.

So why do so many people let it affect them so much? Because ultimately it is their god (little g). They worship it. They may not bow down to their TV while they’re running through the power T, but most of them cheer more during that game than they do during a church service. I know. I’ve been guilty.

A few weeks ago, God pricked my heart about this, and many other things during a visit to South Carolina at a camp meeting. If I can’t get at least as excited about church and the things of God as I can about a game, there is something bad wrong. Where were my priorities? What was my focus and attention on? God wasn’t at the top.

By His help and grace, that is changing. Tennessee lost. So what? It’s a game. God forbid I let it affect how I worship Him on Sunday, or any other day for that matter.


  1. Kristan

    Very sad, but very true. I have been guilty of it myself. Not necessarily a UT football game because I personally hate the Vols (hearing the gasps), but other things in my life. TV has played a role in taking my time away from the Lord. People don’t think of television as a god, but it is. I’m so glad the Lord understands that we are human and that He has so much mercy on us. Where would we be without His mercy and His grace? I love Him so much and I’m glad He loves me. It just makes me desire to love and worship Him so much more.
    Very good post and reminder of how gods (idols) can take us from Him.

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