Remember Christmas

It’s December, and everything Christmas is in full swing. Shopping, dinners, programs, decorations and so much more, it seems like we’ll never make it through the holiday.

But wait. What IS Christmas? It has nothing to do with gifts, dinners, sales or any of that stuff. This world has so commercialized Christmas, and it’s hard for us to avoid being sucked into it all.

Before you think I’m getting self-righteous, I enjoy giving gifts as much as the next guy. I enjoy receiving some, too. The thing is, more and more, gifts are what Christmas is made into. “What’s Santa bringing you this year?” I hear all over the place. Or, “Did you get your shopping all done?”

The thing is, we get so involved in all this stuff that ‘surrounds’ Christmas, that we forget what it actually is, and forget to enjoy and actually celebrate it. It’s the time we celebrate the birth of our Saviour! (I know, Jesus was likely not born on December 25, two thousand years ago, but it’s the time we celebrate it.) It is a most holy time (By the way, holy is the root form of the first part of holiday…) that we should dedicate to Jesus Christ.

So you see, Christmas is not about decorations, trees, shopping, lights, dinners…or even family. It’s all about Him. I challenge you this Christmas season to take some time each day out of your busy schedules to just stop and meditate on the meaning of Christmas. It was the beginning of the plan God set in motion to allow us a way to spend eternity in Heaven with Him.


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