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It’s Just a Game!

There is a lot of commotion today about the firing of UT Men’s Basketball Head Coach Bruce Pearl. 95-99% of the comments I’m reading back Pearl, and want Athletic Director Mike Hamilton fired for firing Pearl. Pearl Pearl committed NCAA … Continue reading

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Sports as Our god

In churches all across Tennessee today, members will be down, depressed and not into the service. Why? The Tennessee football team lost yesterday. I love football. I was able to sit down and watch a little bit of the game … Continue reading

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Do We ‘Really’ Love the Lord?

First things first in this post – I got charged up last weekend and on Sunday. I received encouragement. God dealt with my heart in several ways. I’m responding to that dealing, and with His help and grace my life … Continue reading

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A Few Thoughts on Missions

As many of you know, I recently returned from Colorado for a missions trip. A missionary family that spent much time with us at our church has gone out there to plant a church in the Denver area. It is … Continue reading

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The Simple Plan of Salvation…Simplified

A disturbing trend I have begun to see in church materials and in some churches themselves is the over-simplification of the plan of salvation. Now, let me be clear here – God’s plan of salvation is simple. But some people … Continue reading

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Ever see a wet paint sign? What’s the first thing you want to do? See if the paint is actually still wet! I know that’s how I am, anyway. For the past few Sundays, our pastor has been preaching about … Continue reading

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