It’s Just a Game!

There is a lot of commotion today about the firing of UT Men’s Basketball Head Coach Bruce Pearl. 95-99% of the comments I’m reading back Pearl, and want Athletic Director Mike Hamilton fired for firing Pearl.


Pearl committed NCAA violations, then lied about them. He lied to the NCAA of all people. He called all of the parties involved and asked them to lie as well. After he was caught in it, he apologized in a tearful press conference. Days later, he committed yet another violation. He left UT no choice.

Some say he did nothing that all the other coaches don’t do – he just got caught. What a lame excuse. That is no different than Clinton being caught with Lewinsky and lying about it. I heard many say the same thing: “All the presidents have had mistresses. Clinton just got caught.” So that makes adultery ok? Hardly. Pearl should go. UT needs better morals than that.

To those who stand behind Pearl, I question your ethics. If I cheated on my timesheet at work, then lied about it when I was caught, I’d be fired on the spot. I wouldn’t even have a chance to commit a second violation. No one would stand up for me, as they shouldn’t. Why should a basketball coach be treated any differently? It’s just a game.


Hamilton has shown a lack of oversight in the athletic department. Kiffin committed violations and then skipped town, now Pearl is committing violations. Hamilton doesn’t seem to have a handle on things.

Should he be fired for getting rid of Pearl? Not in the least. Again, Pearl should go. Should he be fired for his lack of control? Maybe. The people that can make that decision are likely taking a look at that very thing.

What I Think…

It’s just a game. There is way too much money spent on a game. There is way too much emphasis placed on a mere game.

I’ll be one of the first to agree that important life principals can be learned from team sports. The problem is, way too many people, especially young people, are getting caught up in the sport itself rather than those lessons. Their lives have begun to revolve around that game. The game takes away from other things that should have a higher priority in a person’s life.

Shun responsibilities at home for a game? Many don’t give it a second thought. Skip church to go to a game? Many see it as a no-brainer on the side of the game.

In the end, the game itself is completely useless and unimportant. Fire Bruce Pearl? Fire Mike Hamilton? Who cares? There are more important things in life than who coaches a basketball team or who heads up a game department.

Come on people..It’s just a game. Get your head straight.


  1. Kristan

    That’s exactly what I said just yesterday evening. Who cares? People’s lives are completely controlled by ballgames. I don’t even think they realize it. Pearl did wrong. I will admit that I, as a woman, was moved by his apology, but I also asked myself, was he truly sorry or was he playing the part because he got caught? Only God knows his heart. Like you said, it is just a game. I promise life will go on and years from now people will say who’s Bruce Pearl? There are more important issues in life like are you born again? Are you going to Heaven? Where will you be when the Lord comes back? At a ballgame?

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