Today is election day throughout our great country. Many people have taken advantage of early voting, but most (like myself) will be voting today.

I have always said I don’t align myself with any party, though I don’t keep it quite so private that I disagree with 99% of what Democrats stand on. In the past two years, the Democrat platform has shifted to more of an anti-Trump stance than anything else. If Trump says it, the party has to work to do the opposite. I’ll insert here that I haven’t kept up with every single thing President Trump has done, but for the most part he has done well. The economy is improving, unemployment is slithering away into nothingness and I believe he genuinely wishes to secure our borders. But the Democrats say Obama gave Trump a gift. Obama worked to do exactly the opposite of everything Trump has done so far. Just look at the record…

We all know about the circus that surrounded the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh. From day 1 the Democrats’ purpose was to smear the man at any cost. Christine Ford was a proven liar, but Democrats said she had to be believed because she was a victim. All because of their hatred for Kavanaugh and Trump.

This year 44 Senate Democrats voted to allow abortions that would tear limb from torso, crushing and poisoning to death of babies up to 24 weeks before full term. Here is such a baby living outside the womb.

They’re doing everything they can to tear down men like Mark Harris in North Carolina. He is a former pastor, now running for Congress. McCready is taking some of his old sermons, getting sound bytes out of context and doing everything he can to smear Harris.

These are just 3 examples of what Democrats are. It is despicable. But that is their game. I just can’t believe more Americans haven’t woken up to what this party is.

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